"Meeker is pioneering the future economic model for rural Colorado towns. "

Meeker, Co Est. 1885

More than Ranching, Oil & Gas, and Hunting


Until the last few decades, Meeker was a stable agricultural community similar in growth and size as other towns in Northwestern Colorado. Recently Meeker has expanded into the energy industry and oil, natural gas, and coal are the primary economic drivers for the local community. World-class big game hunting continues to bring thousands to the area each year, and a vibrant ranching culture continues to thrive in and around Meeker.

Hugus Merchantile


The Town of Meeker was incorporated in 1885, and became a central hub of banking and trade for rural ranching  communities in northwestern Colorado for several generations. Meeker was the first incorporated town in northwestern Colorado and is the county seat for Rio Blanco County. In 1889 J.W Hugus and Company constructed a two-story brick building at the corner of 6th and Main Street, which was designed by Denver architectural firm Fisher & Fisher. This was the first brick building and signaled the turn of Meeker as a small frame-building settlement to Meeker as a thriving modern town and supply center for northwestern Colorado. It attracted numerous famous figures of American history including Billy the Kid, President Theodore Roosevelt, and a small bank robbery gang.

Small Town, Small World


High speed internet travels through the center of Meeker, north off US 70, along Rt. 13 to Craig, CO, bringing the world to Meeker area homes, schools, and businesses. A vibrant recreation district supports a network of area mountain biking and hiking trails, with some of the best children's parks in the state. Like many small towns throughout the nation, Meeker is a close knit community and sponsors many community events, such as dances, festivals, fairs, and other venues of entertainment. Included in these events is the Meeker Annual Sheepdog Classic and Fourth of July Range Call Celebration. Meeker sits at 6,240 feet in elevation and has roughly 2,500 area residents.